Can a mobile be traced even when IMEI is changed?

Can a mobile be traced even when IMEI is changed?

Now tracing a lost or snatched mobile is not a difficult job anymore. With the guidance of CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register), a central database that owns the records of IMEI numbers of all mobile users and operators, it is simple to track lost or stolen mobiles even if their SIM card or IMEI number has been changed to another.

The CEIR custom blocks outgoing calls, incoming calls, messages, and additional services on stolen or missed mobile phones on any network even if the IMEI number is changed. CEIR roles as a central system for telecom executives to share mobile terminals that are blacklisted. And due to that, the mobiles that appear under the blacklisted section in one network fail to work on any other network as well.

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Can thieves change the IMEI number?

According to the Indian government, tampering with the IMEI number is a criminal offense. However, criminals make use of a device named a flasher for editing the IMEI number of stolen mobiles. A flasher relates the handset to a computer further enabling the thieves to replace the IMEI number

What happens if IMEI is changed?

Replacing the IMEI number legally undermines the ownership of your handset. Also, it corrupts your device in the process.

Can I tell if someone is tracking my phone?

If there is an unexpected drop in the performance of your mobile battery life then there are indications that harmful spy software might be installed on your device. Such software installed on phones monitors all the actions and sends the items to a third-party device.

Can the police trace your mobile if it’s on airplane mode?

If your mobile is on airplane mode then it will be difficult to track your mobile as it will not be connected to the network.


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