The Best Ways to Fix [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] Error in MS Outlook

The Best Ways to Fix [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] Error in MS Outlook

MS Outlook reigns supreme when it comes to high-end email management systems. Hailed for its exceptional features and functionality, it allows for peer-to-peer communication, curating business contacts, management of reports, and so on. Although it bestows several benefits to its users, the email application has some flaws too. One such challenge Outlook users have to face is running into error codes like [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]. Fortunately, this bug can be fixed by following a few simple strategies listed below in this article. Have a look.


Why [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] Error Code Occurs in MS Outlook?

There error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] can ensue from multiple reasons including the following:  

If You are Using Not the Right Version of Outlook 

The foremost reason why you get [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] error in Outlook is using a pirated, outdated, or corrupt version of the software. So, ensure the version installed on your PC is not fake but licensed. Also, make sure it is updated as per current standards. If the software is not genuine, you have to download the one with a standard license.  

If You Have Corrupted PST Files 

Corrupted Outlook PST files and other such junk can crash the software application and eventually result in the said error code. So, avoid unusual behavior such as uploading corrupt files, downloading virus-affected software, and so on. Delete all the junk or dead files and make sure to scan them before uploading them on your Outlook profile. 

If You Use Multiple Accounts Simultaneously 

If you are employing multiple Outlook accounts to send emails simultaneously, it can engender the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]. So, use only a single authorized account whenever you can to avoid this problem.  

If You Don’t Clear the Cache  

If your Outlook application has several cookies and cache files that you don’t delete, you may come across the [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] error code any time. So, it’s wise to clear those files that have been staying on your device for a long time to resolve the said technical error.

Other Reasons Why [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0] Error Occur:

  • Use of mobile app for Outlook 
  • Suspicious downloads 
  • Viruses and malware 
  • PC Screen recorder

Guide to Fix Microsoft Error Code in 6 Easy Steps [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]

Follow these 6 simple steps to resolve the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]:

Step #1: Clear Cookies & Cache 

The first step to mend the said error code is to clear all the cookies and cache files. This will knock out all the old strings, free up the storage, and update the data. To clear the cache and cookies, you need to follow certain steps given below:

  1. Open your browser and discover the three dots displayed on your screen’s upper right corner.
  2. Tap on the ‘Setting’ option and then choose Clear Browsing Data.
  3. Now select Cached images and files and ‘Cookies and other site data’ under the Basic tab. 
  4. Click on Clear Data.
  5. After clearing the cache, close the Outlook and reopen it later. 
  6. If you are using multiple accounts, close them and then log in using the single registered account.
  7. Try step 2 if the error is still there. 

Step #2: Download the Latest Version of Outlook

Using an outdated version or even pirate version of the Outlook application can trigger the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]. It can also make changes to cache and result in bugs. 

  1. If you are not using the latest or genuine version of the software, download it.
  2. Uninstall the current application first before downloading the latest version. 
  3. Restart your system after successful installation.
  4. Now access your Outlook profile by signing in with your email credentials. 
  5. If the error code still persists, follow step 3. 

Step #3: Repair Damaged Files

Repair all the broken or damaged files on your Outlook folder. These corrupted files can disorder your Outlook operations and lead to technical errors. So, repair them by using repair software. If you still encounter the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0], follow step 4.

Step #4: Delete Spam Emails

If your Outlook inbox has suspicious or spam emails, they can trigger malicious commands and result in errors if you open them. So, delete them to get rid of the technical bugs. Also, make sure to have updated antivirus software on your system. Still aren’t able to fix the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]? Go ahead and follow step#5. 

Step #5: Use the Web Application of Outlook

To fix the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0], get the web app of the Outlook.

  1. Go to the top corner and search for the navigation panel.
  2. Use a slight modification of the checkbox in the application and click on ‘Save’. 
  3. Use your registered Outlook account to sign up.
  4. Follow step 6 if you still aren’t able to mend the error code.

Step #6: Resort to Trouble Shooting Center

The last step to resolve the said error is to seek help from the Trouble Shooting center. This center searches for all the Pii errors and fix them on its own. Use the troubleshooting center by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Start icon on your operating system. 
  2. Now discover the option ‘Settings’ and then click on Update and Security.
  3. Click on the ‘Troubleshoot’ option. 
  4. Take necessary steps ahead of this so as to guide your system to the concerned Pii error. 

Follow these steps to mend the error code [pii_email_a32d8b04996f6ae8eeb0]. We also recommend using the Microsoft auto repair tool if none of the above steps works. If you are unable to resolve the error despite performing these steps, take help from Microsoft Support for further assistance.

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