GetIntoPC: Is It Free Software Downloader? How Safe It Is?

GetIntoPC: Is It Free Software Downloader? How Safe It Is?

No matter which field you are in, if you use a PC, you may need to download software applications at one point or the other. However, certain software comes with a price tag that is often very expensive. GetIntoPC is one website that allows users to download any software application free of cost. Read on to know everything about GetIntoPC, its safety, pros and cons, and much more.

Table of Contents

  • What is GetIntoPC?
  • Is GetIntoPC Safe?
  • Downloading Software from GetIntoPC
  • Categories Available on GetIntoPC Website
  • Pros and Cons of GetIntoPC
  • GetIntoPC – Legal or Not?
  • Would You Use Cracked Files on Your PC?
  • Conclusion

What is GetIntoPC?

GetIntoPC is a website from where you can download a cracked version of any software for free. Unlike other sites that often come with a virus, GetIntoPC won’t infect your system with such malware. This software downloading portal has direct download links you can use for hassle-free downloading. Well, some interesting features of GetIntoPC are:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Direct Downloading Links
  • Few advertisements
  • A wide range of software available 

Is GetIntoPC Safe?

The downloading website GetIntoPC is safe to use. You can download any software without worrying about your system getting infected with viruses. However, we still recommend safeguarding your PC with the help of a good antivirus application or tool. Also, there are certain downsides of using GetIntoPC which we will discuss at the end of the article.  

Downloading Software from GetIntoPC

Downloading any software’s cracked version from GetIntoPC is not at all tricky. Follow these steps and make downloading a breeze:

  1. Open in your browser. 
  2. Type the name of the desired software in the search box.
  3. Press ok and now tap the name of the software.
  4. The article information related to the software opens.
  5. Find the download button and click it to begin downloading.
  6. Wait for a few seconds until the download is finished. 

Categories available on the GetIntoPC Website

GetIntoPC has an intuitive interface with all categories listed on the website to make navigation easy for the users. The website has several categories ranging from the operating system and graphic designing to education and more. Simply visit the category of the software you need to find that software without any ado. 

For example, if you are searching for Windows, go into the ‘Operating System’ category and you will find the desired OS. You can also hit the search box to download without any hitch. Well, some of the popular categories available on GetIntoPC are:

  • Software Categories – All official software are listed here
  • Operating System – The category lists ISO files of Windows
  • Graphic Design  – Lists photo editing, video editing, and other such software apps
  • Antivirus – Here you will find antivirus tools and software
  • 3D CAD – List all high-end 3D designing software
  • Education – The category lists software for students
  • Multimedia – Software related to sound, animation, etc. are found here
  • Electronics – Presents software related to technical devices 
  • Internet – Tools and software related to the web are listed in this category
  • Development – Lists software like AutoSQL

The software applications in the categories are updated regularly to make for an incredible user experience. In case you aren’t able to find particular software in a specific category, use the search bar for the same. 

Pros & Cons of GetIntoPC

GetIntoPC comes with a handful of advantages and disadvantages that are listed below:


  • A clutter-free website with easy to use interface and download links
  • Free to download a variety of software applications 
  • Fast downloading speed with a few advertisements
  • Huge database with both free and paid software sources
  • Strictly checks the software files to eliminate malware and suspicious apps
  • No confidential information like a password is needed to download 
  • Easy download using categories or search bar


  • It is an illegal website 
  • Not all software and applications can be found here
  • Some software files are corrupted
  • Some apps do not allow free download or installation

GetIntoPC – Legal or Not?

After getting the information regarding what is GetIntoPC and how you can download from it, you might be thinking – is GetIntoPC legal? The answer can be both yes and no at the same time. The software sources mentioned on the website are hosted by third parties rather than GetIntoPC itself. So, if the third parties have the license of those software sources and the right to share them, then downloading becomes legal. In case the third parties don’t have valid software licenses but still have shared them via links, downloading of such software becomes illegal. 

Would You Use Cracked Files on Your PC?

Now the question arises – would you like to use cracked files on your system? As most software and applications available on the software downloading website GetIntoPC are in the cracked form, you may think twice before downloading anything. But do not worry. Cracked files are files without information regarding original legitimate digital control rights. That means you can download these files without having to use a license. Also, sometimes it becomes crucial to remove the cracks when the owner discovers any problematic behavior. This process is called copyright infringement in the USA and is illegal. However, it can be legal in other countries. 


Most of the time, you will find the desired software or application on GetIntoPC. You can use the efficient download link and download without any hassle. Just make sure you have an antivirus tool and Windows Defender installed on your system. So, are you ready to download your first software from GetIntoPC? Go ahead and don’t forget to share this useful article with your friends. 


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