8 Entertainment Web Tech Trends

8 Entertainment Web Tech Trends

Entertainment discovers itself amid digital division, which will be increased once 5G internet starts to hit the mainstream. The trends covered here illustrate shifts that are not only transforming the damage of entertainment but also generating new distribution channels and devices to interlace with content.

Older systems are implying replaced by younger ones more adapted to the new environment, but some early generation systems are still persevering, even if on the decline. Others, like video games, have reinvented themselves and are making more revenue than ever before.

With many parts of the industry-changing, one fundamental thing remains identical: people haven’t stopped wanting to be entertained. This report highlights the main trends this will continue.

1. Subscription streaming video services extend to improve.

Video extends to comprise over two-thirds of the total revenue for subscription streaming services (music accounts for just below a third) and is prognosticated to keep growing at a strong step for 2020, following 24% to $21.9 billion.

2. Streaming media players unit sales are picking up to traditional set-top boxes.

Satellite set-top boxes are undergoing a sharp decline in units sold, and are prophesied to fall in 2020 by 30% from levels observed in 2015. By comparison, cable boxes are only regarding moderate declines, down 4% from 2015. Commonly, traditional set-top boxes (STBs) are projected to sell 23.7 million units in 2020. Streaming media players (SMPs) order see 20.7 million units sold.

3. Streaming plan sales have displaced disc players, but disc legacy remains.

CTA foretells there will be 3.3 running media players bought for all DVD/Blu-ray player sold in 2020.

This figure was 1.1 in 2016, and it serves the stunning shift in the destruction of streamed, mostly borrowed (either immediately or via a subscription) content, versus the legendary ownership of a physical copy.

4. Smart TVs continue to grow.

CTA prophesies Smart TVs will make up 74% of all modern TV sets sold in 2020, up 4% from the expected total for 2019. The increase in ownership of these projects has grown from 24% of households in 2014 to 60% in 2019 and is anticipated to rise again in 2020.

5. 4K is beginning to get big.

CTA prophesies 4K Ultra High-Definition TVs (4K UHD) will move up almost 50% of modern TVs sold in 2020, the largest proportion of sales in their history. This signifies an increase of 10% on the expected total for 2019, and it may be due to the common unit price dropping for the second straight year.

6. Gaming is bigger than you think.

Credits from video game software proceed to rise, with 2020 prophesied to bring in twice that seen in 2015. For circumstances, the software gaming business is estimated in 2019 to be 2.2 times as high as subscription streaming video.

7. 5G is about to land.

Long agreed, 5G internet is coming. This will affect three key areas:

  • In-home internet.
  • Smartphones.
  • Entertainment.

8.VR and AR may eventually realize their potential. 

The extension in VR/AR eyewear stalled in the modern years, following the high of 2016. Growth charges either declined or were slow in the years since, but 2020 is prophesied to see a double-digit increase for the first time in four years.


The year 2020 seems set to be another year of separation for established media and entertainment organizations. The emergence of new delivery channels and entertainment forms will create opportunities for innovative new players to disturb once-locked markets.


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