Top 10 mobile smart phones in India

Top 10 mobile smart phones in India

The top 10 smartphones available in India over the price ranges offer powerful performance but are also able of taking brilliant pictures that package even competitive professional cameras. With the best 10 smartphones in India right now, not just do you get cutting-edge devices like the Infinity superb Displays on the Samsung Galaxy flagships but also good and user-friendly presents like the Apple iPhone. With the best 6 handsets in India, you know top-of-the-line processors from the likes of Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, and Apple. This listing also covers the best value-for-money handsets in India, offered by brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and more. Not to suggest that every offering on our list of top 6 mobiles in India is a looker in it’s his right. Whether you are interested in the best camera smartphones like the Google Pixel or best-in-class specs, you can find the most suitable option for you from this list.Prices as of 27 Apr 2021

Apple iPhone 12 – Rs.77,900

Expert comment:  Every particular year we admire if the new iPhone would proceed to top this list or be passed by the Android counterparts but although again, iPhone 12 shows that Apple has still not failed its touch with the customers. The most advanced handset from the Cupertino-based organization offers enhanced camera performance, the most influential mobile chipset in the market, and a unique design that is an excellent blend of old and new elements. If you want developments in camera and battery, you can additionally choose to go for Pro and Pro Max types of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Rs.95,798

Expert comment:  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most reliable Android phone that you can currently purchase in the market. If you’ve used either Samsung flagship in the last 5-7 if not 9-10 years, you would then know that the brand allows the best shows in the market that do not arbitrate on any front. On top of that, you get significant improvements in the camera business over the last year, a long-lasting battery life, and a unique design that makes the handset view more premium than ever. With the continued support for S Pen, Galaxy S21 Ultra might now be the go-to device for even experts from this year onwards.

Apple iPhone 11 – Rs.54,900

Expert comment:  Apparently the most common iPhone model of modern times, the iPhone 11 doesn’t discover as deep a hole in your pocket as fascinating as the recent flagships from the brand have. The iPhone 11 appears with dual rear cameras and is the entirety of the most capable camera smartphones obtainable in the market. If you are not engaged in clicking pictures, no worries, the handset ships with an A13 Bionic chipset, which is the common powerful mobile chipset available in the business right now. The phone gives a great battery life and a magnificent display quality too. On the software side, the phone performs like a true champ too.

OnePlus 9 Pro – Rs.64,999

Expert comment:  OnePlus has been examined for an increase in phone prices across the years but does the OnePlus 9 Pro justify its price tag? The quick answer would be – Yes. The handset comes with a brief QHD+ LTPO AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, industry-leading chipset, and blazing-fast charging. These are all extremely coveted features and enhance the user experience to a high degree. On the software side, OnePlus has continued offering one of the biggest custom UI in the market as well. All things said, the OnePlus 9 Pro is one of the best Android smartphones you can buy in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – Rs.35,349

Expert comment:  Samsung detailed Galaxy S20 FE as a phone built for fans at the handset’s launch. While this tagline might sound cheesy at the opening, this turned out to be the problem. The handset arrives with an excellent display with a 120Hz refresh rate, gives flagship performance, and appears with best-in-class cameras as well. While the build quality strength has room for development, reflecting most users like to use protecting cases on their phones, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a different value-for-money option in a comparatively high price bracket.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max – Rs.14,999

Expert comment:  Redmi Note 9 Pro Max loads in the shoes as the brand’s mid-range flagship phone and it maintains the title very well. Although the smartphone has a lot in common with the usual Pro model, you receive a 64MP primary camera and a 32MP selfie camera on this model. The phone offers no compromises when it comes to display, camera, processor, performance, and also battery backup. Although you don’t get a great refresh rate that you can get in somewhat more expensive phones, the Note 9 Pro Max is an all-rounder that makes the job done.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime – Rs.9,999

Expert comment:  Redmi 9 Prime appeared like a breath of clean air in the market that was interrupted by the price hikes due to a difference in GST rates in India. The handset is priced under Rs 10,000 but you get a quad-camera setup, a surprisingly good processor, good battery life, and also fast charging support with the Redmi 9 Prime. While Xiaomi was missing its charm with the competitive push from Realme and Samsung closing year, Redmi 9 Prime set the brand back in the driving point for this price segment.

Realme C3 – Rs.9,525

Expert comment:  Recognize the times when you had to settle on many fronts when purchasing a budget phone? Realme C3 is a testament to the fact that circumstances have changed. With Realme C3, you perceive a premium-looking handset that allows a complete UI and a fullscreen display view. The handset even leads to offer 2-day battery life, a feat that is equaled by few phones in the market despite the price range. The camera section could have been better but you can only designate this out if you forget the retail price of this phone in the first place.

Xiaomi Redmi 8A – Rs.8,290

Expert comment:  If we discuss great value-for-money phones and we do not consider Xiaomi’s entry-level offerings, it would be tricky. Xiaomi Redmi 8A features a proficient processor, a bezel-less design, and an extensive battery that comfortably lasts beyond a day and a half of regular usage. Although the phone highlights a single rear camera, which is a wonder these days, it is a remarkably capable unit for this price range. Unnecessary to say, Redmi 8A is one of those phones that you stir go wrong with, especially because of its price point

Top 10 mobile phonesPrices
Apple iPhone 12Rs. 77,790
Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraRs. 95,798
Apple iPhone 11Rs. 46,999
OnePlus 9 ProRs. 64,999
Samsung Galaxy S20 FERs. 35,349
Samsung Galaxy M31sRs. 18,499
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxRs. 14,569
Xiaomi Redmi 9 PrimeRs. 9,999
Realme C3Rs. 8,999
Xiaomi Redmi 8ARs. 8,290


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