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Safety and security in our digital lifestyle are as vital as they are in real life. In real-life scenarios, a sense of security is achieved through safety mechanisms like CCTVs and smart automation devices. But what about the digital safety of your smartphones? Today’s malware and viruses have got a stronger dimension than before. To protect your Android devices from extreme threats, you need an eminently powerful antivirus like Avast Mobile Security. Read on to know everything about Content://

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Content:// offers a myriad of benefits to Android users. From constant scanning and deletion of cache files to protecting your device from scammers, it does it all. Given below is a gist of the basic purpose of the antivirus.

1. Safeguards from Potential Threats

Avast Mobile Security acts as a firewall and detects suspicious applications before installing. It will test application and software files and folders and remove those with malicious content. This regular scanning safeguards your Android devices against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

2. Protects Privacy of Users 

Avast Mobile Security can be your best buddy as it protects your smartphone from intruders and spammers who want to have a sneak peek into your device. The antivirus software blocks spam callers so you won’t be bothered by them again in the future. It protects your precious data including your private pictures, documents, passwords, pins, etc. and enhances the safety of your phone. What’s more? The software can let you change your IP address in case of an emergency.

3. Offers Remote Protection

This feature of the antivirus software allows your device to escape data theft. Unfortunately, if that happens, it will recover your device information and all those precious files and folders.   

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4. Boosts Device Performance

As Avast Mobile Security clears out junk from your Android device from time to time, it frees up the memory space. This eventually leads to the efficient working of your device. Once your device runs smoother without any hitch, you will also be able to enjoy extended hours of battery life. 

Advantages of Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android

Avast Mobile security offers extreme protection to your Android smartphones and tablets. This mobile antivirus solution has stunning features you can use without having to pay anything. So choose Avast among other mobile antivirus applications to enjoy mobile security like never before. But before you download it, check out its features: 


Avast Mobile security antivirus software offers a deep analysis of the device memory that contains all the data and applications. It also scans newly downloaded apps and files to ensure they are safe for your device. You can customize the antivirus tool and receive timely scans and updates. 


The firewall feature of the antivirus software offers great protection against malicious attempts by hackers and intruders who want to compromise your device’s safety. The firewall will disable the internet connection whenever any malicious application tries to access your private data. 

App Manager

You might be well aware of what app manager is and what it does. The application manager curates all applications in one place so that you can see the application name, size, memory usage, and other important details associated with each app. With Avast you can check how many KiloBytes or MegaBytes every application on your phone consumes regardless of the type of internet connection. 

Application Blocker

As the software works as an app manager, it lets users block specific apps. However, to do this, they need to set a 4 or 6 digit password.

Privacy Report

This innovative feature allows you to access a privacy report and check the status of applications installed on your phone. The report tells which app is using which resources of your device and also how much data you are offering to the apps. 

Call Blocker & Filter

Avast Mobile Security enables you to filter your calls and messages and create a list of suspicious callers or numbers to eventually block them. This feature subsequently increases your privacy and also your device’s security. In case of smartphone loss or robbery, it allows you to find the device by means of GPS. It also blocks the terminal, deletes all the information from that end, and even forwards the data to a brand new number via SMS.

Data Flow Information 

Whether you are connected to a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, you can check the consumption of KB or MB by your applications. This data flow report is useful when you want to know how much internet data is consumed every day. You can even check which installed application consumes the most data.

Download Content://

To download the Avast mobile security application, get that done from Google Play Store or install the software using the link given below. 

Original Google Play Store Download Link:

Alternative: content://

From acting as a reliable firewall and keeping an eye on malicious applications and blocking junk calls to scanning your device memory, Avast Mobile Security does everything you expect from a good mobile antivirus tool. Additionally, the setup is not at all tricky to use. Download it now and take your Android device’s security to a whole new level.

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