Website Development Trends for Your Business in 2021

Website Development Trends for Your Business in 2021

Website development has changed a lot over the last few years. New trends are emerging each year, and it can be difficult to keep up with what is happening in this fast-paced industry. This post will discuss some of the top website development trends in 2021 and how they affect your business.

1. Responsive Design

Website Development Trends include responsive web design, which is a method for building websites that are accessible across all devices from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

One thing developers have done a lot lately is make websites easier to navigate by making more scrollable pages, with less scrolling vertically. This makes it much easier for users who may not even be able to see everything going on at once if they needed to which will increase customer satisfaction. 

Another thing developer like doing recently have been adding an Interactive Streamlines section on their website where customers can read articles or watch videos all in one place. These interactive streamlines make it more convenient for users because they don’t need to go everywhere else just find out other information after learning what they needed too from this section first. 

2. Serverless Architecture

As we know, serverless architecture is a cloud and mobile development service that provides applications to users without requiring them to make any changes. Website development trends revolve around this specific category of services, which can be used to reduce the costs associated with traditional server-side hosting. Website development trends include increased usage of cloud platforms and APIs for data storage in order to use serverless features.

3. Motion UI

Motion UI is the use of animation to guide users through a website or app. Websites are now starting to come with interactive elements, such as animations that help give context on what you should do next in order to access more information about your business. Website developers are trying to make the site as easy for visitors to navigate, by implementing motion UI design elements where needed. Website development trends show that the site will have a lot of visual graphics and more animation. Website developers are also working on making websites easier to navigate by making more scrollable pages, with less scrolling vertically. 

4. Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is another trend that will only become more popular as the years go on. Website development trends show that mobile-friendly websites are better for search engine optimization and they’re easier to access from a phone or tablet. Hiring professional website developers with experience in this field is necessary if you want your business’ website to be able to stand out among competitors.

Having an app for your business might seem like it’s too much work, but there are actually aren’t any reasons not to make one these days because of how important apps have gotten over recent years due to their increased use by customers and advertising opportunities through them. Having an app can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, traffic rates, page views per visit, time spent on site, attribution rates, and conversion rates.

5. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants 

They have been a great way for businesses to interact with customers and clients in the past few years. Chatbots are continuing to rise as more people become familiar with them, because of how useful they can be, and because companies want an easier way to communicate with their audience without having employees dedicated to chat support.

Virtual Assistants like Siri or Alexa have also become very popular over recent decades because of how easy it is (and has always been) for users to talk into devices that respond back rather than typing out messages on webpages.

6. Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web Apps will keep growing as the internet becomes more and more mobile. With PWA websites can have most of the same features apps do so they are easier to access on a phone or tablet.

Since Google has recently announced WebVR support for their Chrome browser Website Development is going to push Virtual Reality even further into being something people expect from technology instead of just seeing it as a fun gimmick. VR isn’t only used in gaming though; there are other applications like therapy, education, training, etcetera where having better quality virtual reality could be very useful.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 

Accelerated Mobile Pages has been pushing for over the last few years. They provide an easier way to read content by speeding up how it loads and giving people more control over what they can see. 

While AMP is popular with search engines, some Website Developers have made their own version of it so you don’t need to rely on a third-party website to take advantage of this Website Development trend.

8. Single Page Applications

SPAs function similar to mobile apps and allow you to take advantage of all the great features they have, without having your website visitors leave your site. There’s no denying that Artificial Intelligence is helping website developers build better products for their users with chatbots being a perfect example. With website development professionals using AI technologies like machine learning, this trend will only continue to grow over time making it one of the top Website Development Trends.

9. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing allows developers to code and saves files in the cloud, which makes it easier than ever for professionals to work with others on projects. With developers continuing to focus more time on putting their data into the cloud, this trend will only continue to foster in coming years.

10. Instant Apps

With all our smartphones being so connected today we’re using them not just as phones but also cameras, GPS systems, and much more – instantly! Instant apps allow you to take advantage of these features without needing an app download or installation process. This lets website development professionals create a better user experience rather than having users search through Google Play Store or Store when they can access functionality straight from a URL.

11. Automation Testing

With developers now able to create apps so quickly, with automation testing being included in the application development process it means website development firms are able to reduce costs and increase site speed. This trend will continue into 2021 as website development trends come more accessible for SMBs.

12. Advancements of VR/AR

VR is beginning to be used more prevalently across a number of sectors from entertainment through education, healthcare & real estate – virtual reality sites have been selling homes faster than traditional methods according to reports! With advancements in AR technology too this will mean that businesses can offer customers an even better experience giving them access via their mobile device or smart glasses. Website designers need to these implications when developing new websites moving forward.

13. Marketing Automation 

This trend to expect in 2021 will be for more businesses to take advantage of marketing automation & management tools that allow them to better target customers, personalize their customer experience and manage all different types of interactions across multiple channels including an integrated social media strategy. This could include Facebook advertising through Google AdWords or LinkedIn ads.

As well as having a website design business needs also have a good back end system so they can track what’s working & build upon it. Website development trends are no exception here too with companies needing systems that integrate with these platforms seamlessly allowing them access to important data about visitors’ behavior. 


Website development is a process that has changed dramatically over the years as new technology and resources emerge on the market, such as SEO services. Although many of these website development trends may seem like they are too good to be true, there is significant statistical data backing up their legitimacy and offer businesses some serious opportunities for growth if implemented correctly. If you want to ensure your business reaches its full potential within this digital age is important to keep an eye out for these web design trends which we believe will make a huge impact next year.


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